Friday, 25 October 2013

The Smile Bright Atlanta Home Teeth Whitening Kit

I recently won a competition with the company Smile Bright Atlanta they sent me their home teeth whitening kit worth $99. I received the package above after a month as they were posted from the US. The items included in the pack are shown below.


UV Light with batteries
Mouth Guard
Teeth Whitening gel (which activates with the UV Light)
Purchase information
Teeth Chart so you can compare the current colour of your teeth

The instructions are very detailed and easy to follow so it was impossible to make mistakes. The gel they provided is a very large amount as you use very little for the actual process.

On the chart above the more stained teeth i.e. my fangs on my top and bottom jaw were an 8. The rest of my teeth ie. the front on bot bottom and top jaw were much lighter in clour ranking at a 6.

This is the process that took place, i followed the instructions, I had to apply a spaghetti width amount of the gel on both the top and bottom trays place in my mouth, then place the uv light over the top.

I had to do 2 sessions back to back of 30 mins each. I did have to stop for 2 minutes to empty my mouth then reapply the gel to the trays as it was getting uncomfortable (it sates u can do this in the instructions) Once done i rinsed my mouth out and they felt sensitive for a short period but this did not last longer then about 30 mins. My teeth are actually very strong a week later no sensitivty what so ever.

 I forgot to take a before picture but as you can see the results speak for themselves. I am going to do another sessions in a couple of days to whiten the other more stubbornly stained teeth.

I am very impressed by the kit so easy to follow and you get plenty of whitening gel, but when i do run out I shall be purchaing a refill of the gel (if needs be).

You can purchase this product from here for $99 they do despatch worldwid. If you follow them on instagram at smilebright_atlanta they always have discount codes on offer. 

You can watch my video review of this kit below 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

My First Impressions on the GHD Shimmering Silver Gift Set from

GHD Shimmering Silver gift set from £89
Available in a selection of other colours (prices will vary)

I have always been a sceptic of GHD straighteners which is why it took me so long to finally purchase one. 
  1. The price is very high for these particular hair straighteners.
  2. I thought straighteners pretty much worked the same as long as you paid a decent amount for them, for me that's in around from £30 -£50. 
 I soon came to realise that's not the case because of the texture of my hair it is prone to frizzing up and going bushy very quickly, just from a hint of moisture in the air.  I for so long bought many different lotions and potions to put in my hair which temporarily tamed the unruly mane but after a while it would soon go back to its old ways.

Even with my Remington pearl straighteners (which i still adore) they are great are giving straight hair (or so i thought) but after 1-2 hours my hair would be a bushy mane again.
I think those straighteners are glorious because they speed up quick and beep just like GHD's and go upto a very high heat temperature of 235 degree celcius. (I was continuously straightening on 210 degrees as my heat protectant spray only protected upto that temperature) Even so my hair would return to its bushy ways.

Then one day I saw there was an offer on for a mere £89 (RRP £135) so I did my research and asked all my girlfriends about GHD and all of them except one sceptic highly recommended it. So I ordered them and they arrived the next working day for no extra cost! I absolutely adore this website I have made a second order already to purchase the new gorgeous Limited Edition Beloved Tangle Teezer (they match my GHD's!!!) 

Limited Edition Tangle Teezer £15.00 from

Anyways when i received my GHD's I was so impressed with how well it was packaged and how beautifully presented it was in its box. It comes with a heat proof roll mat and pouch with a seperator in the middle of the pounch so the wires dont get singed. 

When i opened the box :P

When I first tried out the starighteners I was impressed the irons glided through my hair, nothing like anything i have experienced before and was very quick because I only needed to run it through one time. My hair looked even better then before I used the irons my hair was extremely soft, straight and shiny. I however was a little worried about the smell that was coming from the straighteners but I put this down to being brand new straighteners.

My hair was smooth and sleek all day even going out in the rain. The curls i tested were also impressive they held their form and didnt drop and also had great bounce and shine to them without feeling crispy. (I would be careful when styling as the irons do get extremely hot)

  • Hair is left in great condition
  • Hair holds its curls/straight style extremely well
  • Quick heat up time
  • Quick styling time
  • Light to hold
  • Long cord
  • Glides through hair 
  • 2 year warranty 
  • Comes in many limited edition colours/patterns 
  • RRP is overpriced in my opinion
  • No heat varying settings
  • Can get very hot
  • Loads of fakes available online (buy from a reputable dealer and check bar codes and serial number on ghd website)
  • Sets vary with what you get with the styler so you may have to buy a heatproof mat/bag seperately.    

Friday, 18 October 2013

Friday night treat

It's Friday which calls for my cheat day. I fancied some Oreos so I popped to poundland naturally I had forgotten to bring cash. So I just bought a load of stuff so I can use my card. I went a little over board on the naughty food but I haven't eaten all of it there's plenty left for future cheat days. This is my secret stash ;) I know what people are like in my house. I'm gonna stash it somewhere out of sight and out of mind so I won't be tempted when I get onto week 2 of my 30 day challenge next week.

Chocolate assortment

My Review on the Foreo Luna Mini

Please note I bought this item at a discounted price to review from but does not affect my opinion on this item.

At first lets talk about price, I think the retail price of £99 is steep for this device, but at the same time u get what you pay for. The battery charge time and life is amazing and you don't need to buy replacement heads (compared to competitors) so you save dosh in that respect. The range of colours are fun and there is a colour for everyone.

The feel of it is soft, easy to grip and easy to control even when wet and covered in soap. Its compact and easy to transport. It's fully submersible so u can use in the bath or shower. There's 2 sides and settings to suit even the most sensitive of skin and can be used on spot prone skin.

When I first used the product I immediately noticed how quick the process was and thought maybe my face wasn't clean enough after only 1 minute use. But after rinsing my face I noticed how soft and supple my skin looked it also looked fresh and glowing. After persistent use twice a day for a week I noticed the small spots I had on my forehead for as long as I can remember has greatly reduced enormously down to a mere couple of spots and my face was banished of dry patches.

At first I was sceptical of the product as it didn't feel like I had cleaned my face but the results speak for themselves I am very impressed by the item as it can be used with your favourite cleanser (just as long as it's not grainy or has bits in)

To conclude it worked wonders on my skin although not very problematic it still reduced great results in such a short time. I haven't tried its competitors but it sure has lived up to its promise in my experience. The instructions provided could be a little clearer as there was some confusion but this was rectified as theirs a downloadable manual on the Foreo website with a more detailed instructions guide. I also wouldn't pay full price personally as a student I think it's pricey even though this range is aimed at younger skin. But if you have the money spare and willing to try a new experience to healthier looking skin I say give it a try!

35% off discount code: Z1RSz5 
expires 31 december 2013
Discount code can only be used on the Foreo Website (link below).

Items can be purchased from:

What came in my package

Charging via USB


Welcome to my Blog!

Hi Guys!

So i decided to open up my first blog page considering I have a youtube channel it makes sense to finally open a blog up. There will be posts elaborating on my videos, you can also follow my fitness journey and whatelse i choose to post on here.

If you guys got any suggestion/questions then please do let me know!

Cherry  x