Friday, 25 October 2013

The Smile Bright Atlanta Home Teeth Whitening Kit

I recently won a competition with the company Smile Bright Atlanta they sent me their home teeth whitening kit worth $99. I received the package above after a month as they were posted from the US. The items included in the pack are shown below.


UV Light with batteries
Mouth Guard
Teeth Whitening gel (which activates with the UV Light)
Purchase information
Teeth Chart so you can compare the current colour of your teeth

The instructions are very detailed and easy to follow so it was impossible to make mistakes. The gel they provided is a very large amount as you use very little for the actual process.

On the chart above the more stained teeth i.e. my fangs on my top and bottom jaw were an 8. The rest of my teeth ie. the front on bot bottom and top jaw were much lighter in clour ranking at a 6.

This is the process that took place, i followed the instructions, I had to apply a spaghetti width amount of the gel on both the top and bottom trays place in my mouth, then place the uv light over the top.

I had to do 2 sessions back to back of 30 mins each. I did have to stop for 2 minutes to empty my mouth then reapply the gel to the trays as it was getting uncomfortable (it sates u can do this in the instructions) Once done i rinsed my mouth out and they felt sensitive for a short period but this did not last longer then about 30 mins. My teeth are actually very strong a week later no sensitivty what so ever.

 I forgot to take a before picture but as you can see the results speak for themselves. I am going to do another sessions in a couple of days to whiten the other more stubbornly stained teeth.

I am very impressed by the kit so easy to follow and you get plenty of whitening gel, but when i do run out I shall be purchaing a refill of the gel (if needs be).

You can purchase this product from here for $99 they do despatch worldwid. If you follow them on instagram at smilebright_atlanta they always have discount codes on offer. 

You can watch my video review of this kit below 


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  5. Great review. Looks like it really whitens your teeth. Just a piece of advice, if you want to try whitening kits, ask advice first from your dentist. Always consult your dentist because they know the best treatment for you.

    Seth Oswald @ lumineers beverly hills