Sunday, 5 January 2014

£1/$1 Lime Crime Poisonberry Dupe Lipstick!!!!

Hi guys so today I bring you like the name is suggesting a dupe for only £1/$1 depending on what country you are in. As we all know Lime Crime create magnificent lipsticks, I myself own 3 as they came as a set. But I have had my eye on the babette, geradium and the one i have wanted the most is Poisonberry since it was released. I decided I was going to purchase Poisonberry out of my xmas money but I found myself coming into the predicament that to buy it off a UK website including p&p costs a whopping £16 and I did not have much cash going spare, so i decided not to rest until i found some dupes for them, I founds some close dupes for babette and geradium (they aren't too hard to find) but they were not close enough for me. I then came across the posionberry dupe on a youtubers page that goes by the name of "shyfacediva". 
I liked her comparison and review, so I went ahead and bought myself the dupe.

The dupe itself is by Kleancolor and is called the Kleancolor Everlasting Lipstick in shade "Fiesta".

 My initial thoughts on this lipstick is the packaging, we all know its nowhere near as beautiful as a lime crime lipstick packaging but what it lacks in packaging it makes up for in the lipstick. 

  • The lipstick has a glossy finish like no lipstick i have ever seen before on the lips mimicking the lime crime version. 

  • The scent is of an artificial cherry smell but I rather like it!!! It tastes not too bad, like cherries then slightly like perfume, but this does not bother me, (I've experienced bitter tasting lipsticks from higher end brands like UD). 

  • The lipstick is extremely moisturising (like no other lipstick i have ever used) and even when drinking and eating it stayed on alright instead of completely being ruined. But due to the finish of this lipstick you will have to expect re-application.

My only niggle about the packaging is even when the bullet has been twisted completely down it is still exposed (see picture above) and when replacing its lid, it can be easily damaged, so you have to be extra careful. (see youtube video link below to see what I mean).

I purchased the lipstick from ebay on xmas day (link is in the description bar of my youtube video) and it arrived 2 days after xmas!! This lipstick came from America, i was extremely shocked about how fast it arrived!!!! Not even stuff I have ordered from the UK have arrived yet at that point!

Below are some swatches of the lipstick, the swatch on the top is of 1 layer and the swatch below it is after 3 layers. The lipstick is extremely pigmented and buildable. 

With flash
without flash

I can safely say I have fallen in love with this lipstick and the brand itself offers a vast range of colours, I will definitely be purchasing more of these amazing lipsticks! 

This is what it looks like on my lips unfortunately, my camera seems to turn gorgeous Burgundies into a more red tone rather than staying true to its purple tones, but you can get an idea of the texture on the lips. 

Here's my quick review on the product on my youtube!!


Cherry x

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