Monday, 16 March 2015

Hey there Delilah :)

So i've had a pretty average day today, then things just turned to shit in the evening, I had my dad completely lose his shit (not an understatement, raging makes a better word to describe it) down the phone in several different episodes to me over menial shit (stuff normal people don't rage over). I'm not a sensitive person, but recently things have been making me tearful and anything can easily set off the water works (I hate you mother nature). Today has been no exception, usually I just get angry but at the moment its tear inducing instead (I hate having a vagina at times).

So I started week 9 today and the workout helps a lot with emotional build up of any kind for me. Putting on some leggings I can only just about squeeze into usually have loosened up, I can successfully squat and lunge in them with no danger of tearing them at the seems :D. I wouldn't say my ass is the issue (its getting more lifted, larger, rounder and more luscious as the days go on...) more my lower abs or lack of in my case more of a pooch, but what I have come to notice today is its reduced down in size a bit, which again has turned my day around. My hoop was dispatched today which means any day this week It will arrive and I can banish the bastard belly pooch away from absville forever!!!

Another whirlwind day successfully turned around by fitness and my health journey!!! This is what makes sweating, aching, pushing through burning workouts worth it!!!

I'm not 100% as happy as I usually am, just because of hormones but I am a lot better than earlier. Success!!!!

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