Saturday, 21 March 2015

Week 9 Progress!!!!!

So I've measured myself 18 days ago, I don't know why I did not measure myself 9 weeks ago (I do really, I had let myself go quite a bit, I could't face to see how much fat I had gained)

I wasn't going to measure my weight and fat percentage for another month, but seeing the progress I've had after 18 days I'm going to brave it tomorrow!

Thigh- 64cm (lost 3.5cm)
Neck- 37cm (lost 1cm)
Forearm- 25.5cm (lost 1.5cm)
Waist- 95.5cm (lost 7.5cm)
Chest- 110.5cm (lost 3.5cm)
Hips- 110cm (lost 9cm)
Arm- 36cm (2cm)
Calf- 37cm (3cm)

I say that calls for a celebration!!! That's motherf****ing progress and there was me getting down about how slow my progress is coming along but after 18 days theres that much noticeable difference, give it 3 months i'm gonna look fabulous!

Super happy as always! :)

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