Sunday, 15 March 2015

Motherfucking progress!!!

Before I start my ramble for today, I want to say Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely bunch! I hope you have shown your appreciation in some form for that special woman who brought you into this world!

So I start week 9 tomorrow of HIIT and this week hooping begins (when the damn hoop arrives).
So as you may know my progress is slower and I know exactly what the culprit is, now the other day I was feeling down (emotions all over the place anyways, bloody hormones!) because progress is slow and its frustrating as hell! But something today changed my view on my body....

I put on a fur coat that was tight on me when I got back from Thailand, now there's extra room around my bust, arms and torso. This changed my thinking immediately just because I am so impatient I haven't cut myself any slack and I'm mad at myself and the past month every Friday, Saturday and Sunday my clean regime goes out the window (hence the slower progress), this is down to many factors and without trying to play the blame game, these occurrences have only occurred when I've been with friends for those days.

Now theres times when I would say that were justified, but other times I feel were just pure disregard and lack of respect for my health regimen. So I'm avoiding every situation now where this may occur, sorry but I value my health more than eating bad food and jeopardising my progress (yes, i'm gonna be that guy). I'm determined to get back down to a size 12 again and so far I've probably made it back to a size 16, maybe a 14/16?  Size is just a number I cant stress that enough, it doesn't define you, but I don't fit into any clothes I have, I'm limited on what I can wear from my wardrobe, and I can't afford to buy new clothes for every time I put on weight. I need to be more self aware of my body, It's not a vanity thing, its a health thing and a body confidence thing.

Anyways, I'm super chuffed I have learnt that things are getting there and maybe the slower path is better because I am not so strict on myself, that I have completely cut out things I know I will crave, now I'm not saying I eat this stuff on a regular but I'm trying to limit my intake as much as self restraint can allow me, therefore I'm not left craving foods instead I have a little of something now and again rather than over consuming everyday and not exercising (a major difference).

I took this pic today now, my double chin has yet to go but It's getting there but my cheek bones are becoming more and more apparent which makes me so pleased!!! Just one of the few things that are apparent at the moment that I'm progressing :D (view pic below).

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