Thursday, 19 March 2015

Korean Interview/ Fitness Progress

So guys, I just had my first South Korean school skype interview for the city Gwangju, I found out the school is private :P I'll be teaching Kindergarten + Elementary! I am praying with all my might that I got this job, Gwangju is a city I really would love to live in and the school sounds amazing!!! All I can do is wait for a response now.

I also woke up this morning that pooch has shrunk!!! After one day of extreme exercise (I went all out 3 hours of hooping, 20 minutes of cycling with a load of slopes and my 12 minute HIIT Session) its shrunk!!!!!!! It's not disappeared but by god it has gone down!!!! This is what keeps me motivated every day!

Today has started so brilliantly, now its time for my religious routine of caffeine and some breakfast, I'm thinking clean pancakes to celebrate such a positive start to the day. Let's hope it continues!

See you on the flipside, sending positive vibes from London! Peace out x

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